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Ishani is one of the cutest, brightest sweetest, and funniest people to be around. At one look and all the boys will be head over heels for her.

If she's your best friend, she will always brighten your day. Spending time with her will be worth while, and you appreciate how she is such and amazing person. You'll also have a lot of laughing until you cry moments together.

If shes your girlfriend then keep her, and let her know that she's worth your time. Be there for her even when she's not at her best. Treat her with respect and love. She's not something you want to loose.

If she's your enemy well...good luck, this girl is savage and isn't afraid to stand up for herself when someone disagrees. You'll also have to go through her best friends if you think messing with her is a good idea. Let me tell you, it's not.

Intersteller, her eyes are like twinkling stars,

She has beauty like Venus and passion like Mars,
Heart full of love and truth in her soul,
A goddess of men whom's hearts she stole,
Not a creature that breathes should not love you,
Ishani you are amazing, if only you knew.
Boy 1: Did you see Ishani? She is so gorgeous.
Boy 2: I know...I'm going to ask her out.
Boy 1: Nah man, she's mine.
Boy 2: Hell no, I call her.
Boy 1: Come at me bro.
Best friend: Lol, you guys are idiots. Ishani is mine. *Flips hair and walks out*
by GlitterRobber May 15, 2017
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The smartest, most amazing, and especially beautiful Indian girl you know. You want to ask her out so badly but you know she's so damn out of your league but you try to talk and flirt with her anyway.
That Ishani at PHHS is a gift from god.
by ualreadykno97 March 10, 2013
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buy the domain for your travel site
a pretty ....meh person who is failing all her classes bc shes writing this instead of doing hw
wow ishanis failing again

no surprise there
by __iishanii__ September 20, 2017
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