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Ishaa is a wonderful girl whose heart is so big and always sees the best in everyone despite who they may be. However, this can be a downfall as Ishaa opens her arms out to anyone and gives too much to people who do not give as much back. Ishaa is also the best friend, sister, companion and many more that anyone could have. And what she may lack in physical appearance (which is not that much but you know) she makes up for it with her personality. Also, Ishaa tends to catch feelings for people consistently only because she sees the best in them. Ishaa is also a person with an amazing personality and cares for others around her. She has got a magnificent smile but that can be seen as a disadvantage due to the fact that no-one sees past that smile so Ishaa tends to hide her true feelings and pain. Ishaa is also a forgiving person as she sees past the bad intentions however, she does not forget. Regardless Ishaa is a strong person and gets bare guys cos shes just too peng. So if you ever come across an Ishaa be sure to keep hold of her because if you lose her you’ll never get her back.
I love Ishaa, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
Ishaa has model potential, she’s too peng.
by Adgvfslissbk June 29, 2018
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The most beautiful girl. Usually has a very high temper. Has a crush on someone for a very long time and probably fights alot. But if you find yourself an Ishaa keep her its worth it. She never lets hate get to her
Ishaa says 'Stop it I like him and you can't stop me'
by Sneaky_Ik June 17, 2018
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one who likes to shave her toes
And so Ishaa said, "hey baby, got a razor?"
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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The most beautiful girl you will ever set eyes on, she is so caring and confident and hasn’t got the ability to be cruel to anyone. Ishaa is easy to love and would be very happy with her soul mate, even though she may not know it or believe it yet she will marry the guy she is talking to, typically a name starting with D. Ishaa will be happy and need for nothing with them.
Ishaa looks so cute on Dylan’s arm.
by Definitelyno tDylan July 05, 2019
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