Sensitivity to harsh sunlight, somewhat akin to vampirism.
I can't be out in sunlight. It's the Irish curse.
by zimmygirl777 February 10, 2023
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A very small penis. A baby corn. A baby dick. A bottle cap. A Cocktail Weiner.
I was born in Boston, Mass which is perhaps the only state in the Union where being stricken by The Irish Curse is not unusual.
-- from Martin Casella's Off-Broadway play, THE IRISH CURSE
by Kieran Riley March 9, 2010
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The Irish Curse refers to how Irish men usually have small penises. Variations can also include drunkenness or large testes.
Unfortunately, I am a victim of the Irish Curse. My penis is only a little over four inches.
by Jeremy July 26, 2004
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The classic definition is "red nose, short hose"; i.e., the tendency of Irish men to take to alcohol and to have a smaller than average penis.
"Yes, I suffer from the Irish Curse"--uttered by a guest on the Howard Stern show's episode about small penises.
by The other Theo February 10, 2004
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All Potatoes, No Meat!
Small Penis and large testicles
All Potatoes, No Meat!
by PDuffy June 3, 2005
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A trait of the Irish heritage that causes people of Irish decent to have small unsatisfying penis'
Collin Casey: Dude i cant believe she rejected my D!
Mike: Sucks for you dude, why?
Collin Casey: She said my dick was too small.
Mike: Aw the Irish curse strikes again
by not irish June 11, 2009
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