When some politically charged individual (political party not important) is overcome with a horny urge to tell the world what they think at the very sound of the word Iraq or affliated topics.

Conversations where an iraction is present may start off with someone off-handedly mentioning the country for some reason other than George "W" Bush or the War on Iraq and a participant or unwanted non-participant in the conversation begins feeling symptom similar to sexual arousal: (sensitivity, increased blood flow to the genitals) and begin speaking for the sole purpose asserting themselves over everyone else in the conversation.

Victim's suffering from an Iraqtion may become violent if provoked and try to injure or kill your person. Their main prey is uninformed voters, people who are politically apathetic and very small children who have not had the opportunity to decide their political stance do to shorter duration of time spent outside of the womb.
"Oh hey man sorry to bother you but see a frisbee come flying this way?"

"Oh yeah man I think it landed over by that bush"

(pulse quicken, sexual hormones are released and goosebumps, hard nipple or penis, or a wet vagina may follow)

"Did you say Bush? Have you seen farenhieght 9-11? Did you know that only 37% of Iraqi homes are connected to sewer systems? Did you know that 82% of Iraqis are strongly opposed to presence of coalition troops. 67% of Iraqis feel less secure because of the occupation. Did you know that nearly 84% of all iraqi boobs are..."

"Dude, calm down with the iraqtion man! I have a girlfriend!"
by Johnny P. the Cool Canadian October 26, 2008
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