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A big hearted and sweet girl with a difficulty in staying quiet, who likes to listen music; a real funny chipmunk who cares about her friends. The name is usually used in Hungary, Bulgaria or Romania. Ioanas tend to be intelligent and meticulous beings who have to get what they want. They are diffucult creatures, but originals are rare so hold on when you find an actual "Ioana"
Any unique Ioanas
by DirttNasty April 01, 2011
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Romanian name for a girl meaning First Born. Gorgeous, long legged, big eyes and great character. The person is usually a fun, great person to be with. Everyone wants to be her friend but she is a bit picky on who she wants close to her. She is excessively nice and helps anyone if they ask for it. She may have a hard time doing the first step to get close to someone but at the end of the day she gets her way.

P.S. Knows how to have a mind-blowing time but likes to exaggerate the aftermath to impress people.
Guy: Who's that on the dancefloor?
Girl: Seems like a Ioana to me.

Guy: Check those legs! That must be an Ioana!
by jadeoutside June 12, 2011
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the best sister in the whole world
ioana is the best sister in the world because she helped write her sister's essay on the dynamic character pikachu and his struggle for the identity of number one cuteness through the pokemon world.
She also read to her lil' sister when junior ioana was sick.
by chuck norris is in control August 23, 2008
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