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Town in North Scotland where the poorly educated locals believe everything around them is the best in the world just because its Scottish. They think theyve been abroad and absorbed foreign culture because theyve been to a tourist hotspot like Amsterdam or the Costa Del Sol thats catered to British tourists. Oh and Trump and Kim Jung are just comedians you see on the TV. No one takes anything seriously and its very annoying at times.
Someone from Inverness: if they dont like how we do things here then they shoudn't live here.

Me: What wrong with you moving away if you dont like the fact that people hate the town you live in? Thats the type of shit Trump supporters come out with.

Someone from Inverness: Oh oh oh Im not into politics so Im not a Trump supporter.

Me: "If you dont like it dont live here" is a political statement ya dumbass. Dont start what you cant finish.
by Goth Doll October 15, 2017
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Nazi town in Northern Scotland thats a tourist hotspot but really a very dangerous place to go. Republicancs love it funnily enough. Makes up shit about monsters to get dumb people to go there oh and you arent ALLOWED to say anything bad about Inverness, under the crime of treason. The fuck up locals think Inverness is the best place in the world and piss the whole world off bragging about it, as you can see from other entries here.
Dont say anything bad about Inverness *whimper whimper*

What are you a nazi?
by Goth Doll October 24, 2017
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The amount of inver a person or group of people possesses. (Not to be confused with inveracity)
The Scottish highlanders have a good deal of inverness.
by Pastaklovn May 15, 2010
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A suburb outside of Chicago near Palatine that is full of rich ethnically diverse citizens and is named after the town that Macbeth was born in.
chick: "I live in Inverness!"
Dude: "Wow you must be rich and incredibly ethnically diverse!"
by Broseph09 April 24, 2011
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Inverness, self proclaimed capital of the Highlands of Scotland and population filled with people with good craic. Home of The Loch Ness Monster, ICT FC, Inverness Castle, Craig Phadrig, many schools and a college. Beautiful walks through the 'Islands' and the city has 2 small shopping centres called Eastgate and Victorian Market. It has a well-equipped sports centre and swimming pool. Inverness itself has a huge sphere of influence and is just generally a really nice place.

Also, may I add, Invernesian (In-ver-nee-shan) accents were named 'The Queen's English' so :P!
Me : 'You coming to Inverness?'
You : 'OF COURSE :D'
by :OPaul November 27, 2007
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one of the greatest places in the world to live, o wait what am i saying....IT IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO LIVE.

inverness, the capital of the highlands, is located in Scotland. this small city is the home of the highland games, the loch ness dragon and inverness caley thistle F.C. in inverness there isnt much but what it lacks in leisure facilities it makes up for in beautiful scenery and very hot guys.
jimmy: you comin wi us up tae inverness??
david: hell yeah!
by scottie_hottie February 08, 2006
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