to integrade or become part of a larger group
I interpolated with her friends.
by Jordan October 15, 2003
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the act of taking pieces of what is being said, usually in a confusing fashion, and understanding the end result.
she interpolated what he meant, from what he was trying to say.
by magpies July 10, 2009
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That guy's full of shite, it must come from his kin and how they interpolate.
by Baja Bug October 4, 2006
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The vocalist of this cool band, Interpol,and is one of the weirdest but coolest guys in the world. He probably doesn't care about his looks but he's gorgeous.. and their music is genius.
Paul Banks Interpol
He's so awesome i wish he never existed.. Haha.
by Khaiehm September 3, 2008
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From Latin interpolare, Latin interpolatum, from inter (“between”) and polire (“to polish”).

Interpolation provides a means of estimating intermediate points.
In other words, it's estimating in-between values.
Let's interpolate to get in-between the values.
by millennIumAMbiguity January 24, 2022
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An event, process, a greeting or occasion that has either happened or is happening.
Guy 1: How's your interpolations?
Guy2 : E go well o. We bless God!
by Norman Davies February 5, 2020
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a pole while it is intering a human
i'll interpole you if u don't shut up
by solem July 11, 2008
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