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Supersymmetry (a spacetime symmetry) is a theory that links gravity to the fundamental forces of nature, through relationships between two basic classes of elementary particles: bosons and fermions.

Bosons have an integer valued spin, while fermions have a half integer spin. Basically, each particle in its own group would have a partner in another, and their spin would differ by a half-integer. If you're wondering, a spin, in this case, is one of two angular momentums that applies to elementary particles, hadrons, and atomic nuclei.
Joe: "Did you know that particle accelerators have been built specifically to study physics past the Standard Model, such as Supersymmetry?"

Bob: "No, actually!"

Also, I'm sorry if that explanation wasn't thorough enough, because I left out a lot to get down to the simple explanation. You can go research it in your freetime, if you wish!
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by I_write_books October 17, 2017
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