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Verb; an action that one takes while using the internet.
Guy 1:' hey man what up?'

Guy 2:' Not much man, Just interneting.'
by kai0080 May 11, 2011
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When someone goes to the gym and spends 90% of the time on their phones scrolling through social media
Looks like its thumb day again for Jimmy with his usual routing... 3 sets of 5 snapchat selfies and 10 sets of scrolling through facebook until exhaustion
by Gary br April 02, 2017
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To be one with the internet, to surf the internet with a vengeance, and to be so leet at the internet that people of lesser quality will forever question what you do.
A: Hey, how's it going?

B: Shush, I'm interneting.

A: You guys should learn how to internet.

by s3xytrUmp3t13r January 12, 2009
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The act of searching the internet with no clear goal, often times getting distracted and searching on random peoples facebook pages. Getting diverted to other sites when trying to focus on work or other important tasks that require the internet. Distraction due to the many entertainment outlets of the internet.
I was trying to post a simple update to facebook but I ended up interneting for over an hour.
by July 01, 2013
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