People who love talking shit on the internet mainly about other people's vehicles. These trolls will talk shit all day long on the internet as long as they have a keyboard to hide behind. But you will never see these people in real life. 9 times out of 10 these trolls drive their moms Honda, lancer, Evo, or a mustang. These trolls are nothing to worry about because they never actually do anything. Typically the Facebook of an internet troll can be spotted by images that look like they were found on Google and there's never pictures of these people on their pages.
Bob: man your cars a piece of shit I'd put bus lengths on it.

Ray: is that so? Bus lengths? Alright then let's race. This Saturday at us 13 heads up N/T instant green tree

Bob: man you don't wanna do that I'll hurt your feelings. My cars so much faster.

Ray: alright then show me stop talking about it and lock it in

Bob: well you see mom needs the car this weekend so I can't..... But before the end of the year were going to race!! And imma win

Internet troll- person who talks shit but never backs up any of it

**names used are random names**
by Grudge race May 25, 2016
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A term used to describe a person you disagree with on the basis that they won’t agree with you on a subject in which you use shaming language and dilute the actual meaning of an internet troll.
Jaimie is an internet troll or a troll because he says that there is no reason or necessity for feminism so I called him a troll in order to disregard anything he has to say and have everyone in this post excommunicated from the topic so claim I’ve won the argument as a means to shut him up and shame him for not thinking and agreeing with me.
by Spi latino June 28, 2018
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Someone who uses the internet as a means of stalking some one.
Missy closed her MySpace account because on an Internet Troll.
by Butterfly Goddess May 08, 2008
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A system administrator who trolls user accounts looking for personal information.
I am not going to open an account there because I know it is administered by Internet trolls.
by Ann Myers May 02, 2006
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They are users on the internet (often found on youtube) that like to seek attention by starting arguments with other users. They also like to belittle you just because you commented something. They would also try to get you to react to them so that they can turn a lot of users against you or get users to attack you.

Here is an example:

User: I personally believe that minecraft is better than fortnite.

internet troll: Wow, you type like a 2 year old and your a baby because you like Minecraft better.

user: Stop talking trash because your typing is worst.

---internet troll edits comment---

other user: +user just shut up already and you cant tell people that their typing is worst.
This guy is totally an internet troll, he started a bunch of crap with me because i said that Minecraft was better.
by Hyp-Word-Generator December 19, 2018
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