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A beautiful girl that has an amazing smile and a great sense of humor. She wants the best for everyone and is very considerate and caring. She is very intelligent yet silly. Jaimie is tough on the outside, yet warm and cuddly on the inside. She tells her fiends everything,but relies on them alot . She is very nervous when it comes to friends and is afraid of who to trust. She is a very athletic, artistic and unique person.Jaimie is sweet and innocent,yet will kick someones ass when necassary. She is is incredibly smart and sexy. Anybody will be lucky to have someone like her.
Guy:Oh look its my girlfriend Jaimie
Guy: Damn Jaimie's too hot for her own good
by infinity_quotesss8 November 09, 2013
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a Godlike girl who is most likely the greatest single asset to someone's life. She also most likely has the best personality of anyone within a million mile radius. Oh and she might lie a lot too.
Man, I am so glad I met "Jaimie", she is a great asset to my life!
by Brett Knapp June 17, 2008
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Probably the single greatest person ever. Can make you happier just by being in the same room as you. She is incredibly beautiful and smart and charming. She is everything you could ever want.
Jaimie, you are the best.
by Ringil August 25, 2011
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A girl who is amazingly kind and sweet, but yet crazy. She has her serious side and fun side and is always silly. She is tough and knows what she's getting herself into.
Jaimie is the best
by scode1991 April 28, 2011
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a beautiful girl that has a great smile a sense of humor most make millions for a will to exceed others thoughts of her and wants the best for everyone very cansiderite and caring and loves to spread happiness
man that jesus is doing some jaimie stuff today
by daltonok September 29, 2009
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A girl who can put a smile on your face no matter what mood you're in. She's funny as all hell and isn't just another common whore. Like Jamie, but better for her name has two I's, and well, that's just a huge turn on. She will make your life worth living.
My day is going terrible, I need some Jaimie.
by LTheDemon May 15, 2010
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Jaimie is the wrinkly part of a cats anus. Also referred to as a “crinkle” .
Cat! Get your bloody Jaimie out ma face!
by Flembutt December 21, 2018
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