69: “fuck chief keef, yall niggas ain’t gone kill me

1 day later

69: “i would love to collaborate with chief keef”
internet troll
by ghjbftj June 03, 2018
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Usually fat ginger kids with ugly girlfriends. Tries to troll people but usually they are the troll. 9/10 they are posting something on their Snapchat story to a create false impression
by Karmanitch December 12, 2019
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The internet troll is a sub-human creature who is usually a sociopath. The Internet Troll, or “Troll”, has only one purpose in their life online and that is to spite, anger or sadden anyone who walks the plane of the internet. They also commonly in the earlier 2010’s have been seen toppling any structured art, community or entity on the internet by destroying it using their vast numbers. They have no loyalty, no allegiance and no agenda. Sometimes they can be seen organizing attacks, frequently on the website 4chan on the message board /b/. It goes without saying that trolls are usually racist and sexist as that provokes more reactions.
Jim: “Damn did you see Amber Heard’s comment section
Sean: “No she disabled it”
Jim: “yeah it was full of Internet trolls attacking her”
Sean: “Stop licking my forehead Jim”
Jim: “I’m sorry”
via giphy
by Danny Despacito May 01, 2020
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