Popular quotes, images, and real people, which are copied, imitated, and spread all over the internet(s)!
Mom says, "The internet is not only about pron, it's also about internet memes."

Dad says, "Internet memes are spread like wild rumours, and computer viruses. The most popular memes on the internet are like the Living Meme, they keep evolving."

Adopted Son says, "I don't know what pron means... Will you plz show it to me?" *troll face*
by Chad-Syphrett September 5, 2012
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An internet meme is a photo,video,or plain text that makes one person laugh which then he/she reposts the thing that was funny and then more people repost that and make it viral. Once it is viral, it is now a internet meme that people can copy, edit, and do whatever they want to it to make it even more funny.
by RkoIsLife1738 September 21, 2015
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Do you have no sense of humor, wit, or originality? Look no further than the book of memes! They're easy to memorize and other meme users will find them hysterical each time you use them. Memes are emergency words, phrases, and media created by the social networking community that everyone uses when they can't think of anything else to say. Eventually they become so dependent on these memes that every single joke or insult they pop comes straight from the book of memes! Refer to the KnowYourMeme website for all memes.
Most Overused Internet Memes:
-"Rick Roll" YouTube video
-Any of the rage faces.
-any quotes from the CD-i video games.
-broseph, brosky, bro-etc.
-umad bro? lol u mad.
-uh oh watch out guys looks like we got a badass over here!
by SunnyShard September 23, 2012
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A short phrase, picture, or combination of the two that gets repeated in message boards and Barrens chat for far, far longer than anything ever ought to be. Imagine a small child being surprised by a jack-in-the-box every single time the toy springs out and you'll have a fairly good idea of what the collective internet considers witty.
"Chuck Norris kicked a man so hard that it cured cancer!"
"Wow, all your base are belong to Chuck Norris!!"
"Jesus Christ it's an internet meme get in the car!"
"ROFL :)"
by xqby June 24, 2008
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An 'Internet Meme' is a word, phrase, expression, iconic imagery or recognizable reference popularized amongst online communities such as on forums or in online games. They are annoying and usually carry a vibe of geeky-ness, which rides well with annoying people who are all about nerd culture. The most famous one being "LOL", 'Laugh-out-loud'.

In it's origins the meme was more something of simplification to make half-assed web chats easier with shortcuts. now it's evolved into stupidity, with people saying words like "Fail" out of context, or "good sir" in a derogatory sentence implying a condescending tone (geeks love to condescend) and even further south to sentence constructions such as "Adjective Pro-Noun is Adjective"

Basically the English language as we know it is screwd due to half-witted low-brow pseudo-nerds (imbeciles who manner themself like a nerd but have the brain capacity of a dangle-berry), and brain-dead tweens.
Internet Meme Examples:

"Lame meme is lame"

"you, good sir, are a douchebag... and no we are not in Camelot so why the hell am i talking like this?"

"Your skillz are Fail! noob!, even though i don't myself attempt anything or prove i can do any better, i'll call you out because you FAIL."

"LMAO ROFL your mom has a penis! LMFAO"

"chuck Norris once..."
by Antimeme August 17, 2011
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a meme on the internet created by users that gets shared alot
by cohenPirate June 24, 2018
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Basically, a meme that existed way before the evolution and popularization of the internet. Memes have actually been around as long as 2,000 years with the oldest one in history being the Sator Square.

Some of the most notable pre-internet memes are Killroy Was Here, Frodo Lives, Bert Is Evil and Andre the Giant Has a Posse.
To be honest, I prefer pre-internet memes over 2010s memes. But unfortunately, there wasn't any internet to post them back then so I highly doubt anyone back then who shared Frodo Lives even knew who Frodo Baggins was or what Lord of the Rings even was considering how like I said, there was no internet back then.
by CelticEagle February 11, 2019
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