An internet day is a day on which you can use the internet.

For most people, every day is an internet day, so the term is useless. However, when you cannot afford a monthly internet subscription, and you have to buy internet on a day by day basis, the term takes on a whole new meaning.
Flatmate 1: Oh did you hear about .....?
Flatmate 2: No?
Flatmate 1: Google it.

Flatmate 2: It's not an internet day...

Flatmate 1: Internet Day?
by OhTheDamageIsDone February 17, 2011
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Log Off the Internet Day was started by a group of activists and thinkers in 1999 to make the public aware of the impacting is making on real life communities. Log Off the Internet Day is celebrated on the first Saturday after the start of summer in your hemisphere on which you are supposed to stay off the internet. No email, chat, IMs, gameplaying or surfing. A time to go to a movie, see some friends, ride a bike, be with your family.

I totally celebrated Log Off the Internet Day and went for a bike ride.

My second life wife got mad because I spent some time with my first life wife on Log Off the Internet Day.
by Joe Iron August 18, 2007
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On June 4, the internet gets completely shut off in China. Guess what else happened in June 4, 1989, in Tiananmen Square? Absolutely nothing. Very coincidental.
Yang: Oh it's internet maintenance day! Nothing happened on June 4!
by an entity currently living October 5, 2021
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