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1. One who posts way too many posts/pictures on the social media app of Instagram.

2. One who posts almost naked/comepletely naked pictures of themselves on Instagram
1. What the hell, Joe! Stop fucking posting ten pictures on Instagram every second!
2. Nikki keeps posting pictures of her half-naked. What an Instagram whore!
by Nah I'm Cool November 02, 2013
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A person who acts ignorant because he/she has more followers than other people. There a snob and can't find any other way to spend daddy's money than to use it to buy the best phone for nip slips and other stupid ways of getting attention. Because people wouldn't pay attention otherwise. They usually have ass and boob implants because they hate their vagina. They also love songs like let me take a selfie. One of the most repetitive songs the only lyrics being the title name.
"Omg did you see that phone that just came out? Ima use for Instagram. Omg totes gonna become famous.......uhhh retweet......hashtag..........uhhhhhh....I eat chipotle everyday. "Your a Instagram whore"
by The undying truth of the web October 11, 2015
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A person who thinks having more followers than someone else makes them cool. Usually a teen, or a adult who thinks he's a teen still.
1:"hey did you see bob had 300 followers?"

2: "no, I don't really care, he's just an Instagram whore"
by TheJuicyMoose May 11, 2014
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A person who only cares about post asking for comments or like to feel special because they are lame ass people at heart. Sometimes they ask for shout outs and just seek attention because they think its cool to have their notification stats high.

Or one talks to multiple people on instagram and trys to date them.
Person 1:Ugh Sam(antha) is such a instagram whore (s)he always asking for Likes and comments.

Person 2: I heard (s)he dates people from all over instagram
by Your friendly hater April 08, 2017
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Personne ayant un compte instagram et désirant augmenter ses followers. La personne follow généralement plusieurs personnes par jour avec l'espoir que ces personnes la follow en retour. Habituellement, peu après avoir obtenu les «follow back», la personne arrête de suivre les gens qu'elle a initialement suivi.
« Ce gars t'as suivi avec l'espoir que tu le suives en retour. C'est une instagram whore. »
by charlotteauxfraises August 23, 2014
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