Innsbruck is a town in tyrol..full of hoes and f€ckboys..
Person 1: hey bro , i want to fuck someone
Person2: oh bro, just go to innsbruck the girls will spread their legs for you
by HörtsAuf_1946 January 8, 2019
Issa town in Austria with many mountains. Good tap water and shitty clubs. Don't get robbed by the guys wearing nike air max shoes.
"bruh innsbruck is a city doe" "yes"
by Goldi.aut June 18, 2021
Innsbruck is the kapital city of tyrol. In Innsbruck there are many fake peoples. RUN!
Person1: i have to take a sh!t . Do you know where the toilet is?
Person2: yeah, over there. INNSBRUCK
by HörtsAuf_1946 January 9, 2019
Basically a city in tirol full of people from Asia
by Marcel The Kid November 14, 2017
Innsbruck is a city in Tyrol, Austria. It is known for a large number of students that made skiing and climbing their personality.
Person 1: What's wrong with your roommate?
Person 2: Well, he lives in Innsbruck and he trains all day in our appartment.
by non-democratic Austria April 27, 2022