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Bando is short for abandoned house.
Bando is also referred to as a traphouse
by joechet September 08, 2016
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An abandoned house, term used mainly in the hood.
Me: Man I gotta piss, man.
My dude: S**t, just go up on the bando.
ME: (Getting out the car, mumbling) Mother F**kin rats going be on my s**t.
by Hand2HandOnThisStreet June 06, 2007
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An abandoned building where illegal narcotics (drugs) are sold. Also known as a trap house.
"Bussin' out the bando!"
" Jeremy, let's hit the bando boy!"
โ€œHit the bando all night!โ€
by baddienowinkle December 21, 2018
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A Trap House In The Hood , Where They Sell Drugs , Cocaine , Weed , Crack , Meth , And Etc.
Guy 1 : Dre Got Some Nickle Bags In The Bando
by GhettoGold August 27, 2013
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one who is in band; comes from the derogatory term band dork; not always a bad thing to be called seeing as how bandos rule all
Bandos go to band camp. What happens in band camp stays at band camp.
by bandoswillruletheworld November 15, 2004
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A person in the Marching Band in high school or college.
NOT dorky at all. The hottest kids in school.
by TheresACertainMistiqueWhenISpeak September 23, 2004
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