I cool guy and easy to talk to. Extremely sexy but will treat girls well and with respect.
Ingmar is an awesome guy :) teehee
by hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ;) September 4, 2012
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A great movie director from Sweden who past two weeks ago (30th July). R.I.P.

He made movies like: The Seventh Seal, Fanny & Alexander, Autumn Sonata and The Silence.
Guy A: Did you know that Ingmar Bergman just died?
Guy B: Yeah, I saw it on the news. He was a great filmmaker.
by Shayo August 13, 2007
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Swedens most famous director. He's like a hundred years old, seems to be depressed all the time, an lives alone on a small island outside the swedish coast. Often wears a basque, and are made fun of by swedish comedians.

The movie "The Seventh Seals" is one of his movies.
It's about this guy who meets up with Death, and then they play chess.

- "Vem är du?"
- "Jag är Döden."
- "Kommer du för att hämta mig?"
- "Jag har redannge gått vid din sida."


- "Who are you?"
- "I'm Death.
- "Are you coming to get me?"
- "I´ve already been with you for a long time."

- Who's that old guy over there?
- Don't you know, it's Ingmar Bergman.
- Who the f*** is that?
- You ignorant bastard.
by TonyE June 10, 2006
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The President of the best country on Earth, Slurpvakia. He is the best person on Earth and is so good. Yes, so good. Mmmmm.
Steven: I wish I could be as good as Ingmar Elfsborg
Ingmar: Stfu Bitch
by Anonomoussousymous Person October 1, 2018
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Ingmar THE guy you want to be around. He’ll make you feel so special, like you’ve never felt before. This also makes him very hot. If you have daddy issues, this is the guy you want. Especially when they’re blond!
That guy is such an Ingmar. My daddy issues have never scent so strong !!!
by Bigdikkkkm68 May 27, 2022
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