Inevitable means that something is ultimatley going to happen, and theres no way out of it.
by bruntanng November 7, 2005
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"It is inevitable, mr anderson"
"not impossible, inevitable"
by neo November 14, 2003
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A state that ends in cyclical time (synchronicity).
An inevitability begins in linear time and ends in synchronicity (paradox-as-a-metastate).
by tomorrowtomorrow January 16, 2019
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The state of being oneself, free from any form of pressure (social pressure)
Suhail: Do you really love her?
Idris: I love her with all my inevitivity.
Suhail: I quite didnt get that.
Idris: With all I have within me; soulfully
by black vamp September 5, 2012
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A quote from thanos from the Avengers: Endgame. So basically, thanos claims that he is unavoidable.
Me when I'm not invited to the party but I show up anyways: "I'm inevitable"
by Ract0r May 7, 2019
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This event occurs when chat tells a streamer perform an action, the streamer rejects this request, thinks about it some more, then does it. This event more often than not leads to tragedy.
Chat 1: “Dude that was such a ‘The Jerma Inevitability’ moment!”

by QuadFlavors November 1, 2021
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The point during sexual intercourse where the male realizes he is about to cum (ejaculate) no matter what he does to stop it. Usually at this point semen has already entered the base of the shaft of the penis, so the male cannot stop the ejaculation process no matter how hard he tries.
Grunting and groaning and kegeling didn't help he had cum up his shaft and he was at his point of ejaculatory inevitability.
by hollywoodbackpacker May 6, 2011
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