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An emote used on Twitch.TV
Can only be accessed by using the browser addon BetterTwitchTV.
Used in a comical or funny scenario, and is an enlarged version of another emote by the name of 'LUL'.
by aayika May 20, 2018
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A word that you say on text or online when something is so funny you cant just say lol.
Person 1: ur mega gay
Person 2: omegalul
by chak217 August 30, 2018
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An emote on twitch spammed when something funny or dumb happens.
*dies in game to no reason* OMEGA LUL OMEGA LUL OMEGA LUL
by joe mama 6969420 March 01, 2018
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Tyler1 is a beta.
Tyler1: I was going to fuck that busty babe, but Ethan Hagg has a better shaped head then me.
Friend: omg, you’re such a beta, OMEGALUL!!
by Ethan Hagg May 07, 2018
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yeet omega lul is a yeet
by Magic daddy October 30, 2018
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