An indie kid is so individual that they spend their time alone in their "individual" room, Listening to all their "individual Music" Through Their large oversized "individual Headphones" whilst looking up their "individual" clothing websites, whilst brushing their individually styled hair, which they got cut at that really "original" hairdressers behind their local individual bookstore.
they're that individual (:
Those Ultra "Indie Kids" You See In Topman.
by Dynamite Napoleon May 08, 2008
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An indie kid is a particular person (mostly male) who like nothing more than to drink milk and to kick cats for the fun of it in their free time normally they are commonly found in Sixth form photography classes doing anything they can to stop you getting on with your work (lol). They have also recently taken a shine to prancing around their local town doing the same dance as seen in the new 'Creep' video featuring Nicki Minaj.
Sam - "Woah, look at that kid over there!"
Jake - "Holy shit he must be called Ben Sanderson or something, what an indie kid!" ;)
by UK, yorkshire February 04, 2011
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A person (generally a teenager) who is either too poor or too apathetic to follow most musical or fashion trends. Generally, a certain proportion of the music they listen to has never been heard of by the general population.

Commonly (but not necessarily) associated with the nerd, the hipster, and Garden State. May or may not read the webcomic questionable content.
"Tyler always looks like he just woke up. He's in the other room right now listening to the Doves. He's such an indie kid."
by Susan Veronica May 04, 2005
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indie kids are usually white, middle-class 13-18 year olds that can't afford branded clothing so they turn to 'vintage' clothing htat is suposed to make them individuals even though they all dress the same ( crap chekkard converse, tight denim, a bright colourful t-shirt and a zipped hoodie that is about three sizes too small). Indie kids are basically the same as the new 'mods'.
Mods and indie kids are obsessed wiht badges of their fav. band or artist and stick them to their hoodies and school bags.

indie music is repetative crap that relies on one crap rif repeated over and over for three and a half minites while some 20-year-old twat whith a non-broken voice and no bollocks whales about his ugly, hippie girlfriend dumping him.

Screw you indie kids you greasy, sweaty, skety hippies.
indie kidJACOB .P from harrytown school PLEASE READ THE ABOVE
(soz about the spelling am dislexic and cba chcking evry word on google)
by Mighty Boosh hater July 17, 2008
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Indie Kids are essentially the anti-emo.The Indie Kid is at war with the emo because the scum of the earth stole our Converse and made it a symbol of being a twat who likes to take 20 million self shots in the bathroom while covering one of their eyes with their over conditioned hair. Unlike the rather good-looking shoe that it once was.

Another difference between Indie Kid's and Emo's is that we are usually happy, whereas an emo would probably be crying on his own in a dark corner. The main reason we stay happy is because our music does not tell us to slit our wrists or pile on the burdens of other people.

Indie Kids are called Indie Kids because of the music they listen to. Not because of the clothes they wear.

Indie is also it's own genre of music. Not a sub-genre of rock. Although many bands have chose to form cross-over genres.
Indie Kid: Just listened to some Pegasus Bridge. OMG those guys make me happy.

Emo: Just listened to My Chemical Romance. I might just go kill myself.
by CraigMabbitIsAWhore June 04, 2012
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