An Indian Chief is when a woman gives a man's penis an 'Indian Sunburn" and then sucks on it, which gives a cool sensation to your otherwise BURNING member.

Catch phrase: Is the pleasure worth the pain??
Ex 1:
Dude! My girlfriend hardcore indian-chiefed me last night!

Ex 2:
Doctor: "Where did you get this rash from?"
Dude: "ahhh......indian chief"
Doctor: "I see. so was the pleasure worth the pain?"
by indianchief March 29, 2009
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Pouring beer down your back, thus dripping thru your ass and off your scrotum, back into cup. Proceeded by drinking it.

It can even be shared with a close mate, or drinken "ben-hur" style.
"Stephen and Clayton went into seperate bathrooms, came out with what looked like watered down beer. Turns out they were celebrating their friendship with an Indian Chief."
by MO7S April 07, 2006
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the act of pulling a girls bloody tampon out with your teeth during "redwings," then shaking your head hard to the right and left, giving you red "war marks"
"What's on your face? Did you do the Indian Chief last night or something?"
by AnthonyR June 21, 2007
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An occupation which a person of limited ambition may hope to attain.
If you're lousy in school you could always be an indian chief, or model.
by Jason McKay April 09, 2006
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goin down on ur girl while she is on her period, using ur mouth u take her tampon out and shake it vigoriously splattin blood all over your face.
i did an indian war chief last and then threw up
by waka joe October 07, 2009
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Referring to lazy people who can talk a lot but doesn’t do much. Commonly used in South East Asia referring to Indians from India.
Ah, he cannot deliver what he promised, he is an Indian chief.
by ReturnTray November 13, 2019
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