Pretty on the inside and out.Has a great personality,intelligence,and is really funny.
Look there’s Inari ;).
by The-real-one March 21, 2018
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Inari is one of the most prettiest girls you will ever met they may be mean at some time and hard to live with but it all works out they are so kind and caring and puts people over them. Inari is one of the most Beautiful people,sexiest ,honest mad loving people you could ever met. At the end they get better. Inari is one of the best sisters,wife’s,and friends.
Inari is one of the most prettiest and smartest girls I’ve ever met and not to mention caring.
by Sally doll November 24, 2018
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An amazing person who is very kind and humble. She has a big heart for everyone and will always be there for you.
Inari is a true friend
by Maya15 June 4, 2017
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Underground Japanese punk rock band formed in 2001 by bassist, TAKU, and guitarist, TJF.

Their music initially began as straight edge hardcore punk rock but eventually faded to more appealing melodic softcore pop punk, with most songs written after 2002 being written in English by frontman, TJF.

Established all-girl pop punk band, Machikara, in 2002, which eventually grew larger than its founding fathers themselves.

Despite losing drummer, HIRO, in early 2003, Inari resurrected old school punk rock to hundreds of Australian Japanese kids.

Eventually evolved into NRE after months of collaboration with Machikara.
Yoko's Review: They usually played for the Japan Foundation in Sydney City locations or at North Sydney and opened most concerts with their energetic punk rock performances of long remembered songs such as "Ochiba (Fallen Leaves)", "Old Yesterday, New Tomorrow", "Save the World", "Remember Me" and "Sabishii". I presonally preferred their old 'hardcore' sound, but I personally think they sold out to all the younger teenagers who preferred their 'pop punk' sound. There was really no need for them to go pop punk because they had formed Machikara which was basically a female version of Inari's pop punk side which usually covered many of Inari's songs anyway. It was good while it lasted. There are still some other good Aussie Japanese indie bands around like A-Bomb, Wrecking Crew, and Oil.
by Yoko March 21, 2004
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Inary is a funny, pretty, and humble girl. She can be very nice but if you get on her nerves she can be a bitch. Inaray has a amazing laugh that is high-pitched and full of fun. She is fun to be around and is a great girlfriend(she can also be very freaky).She is also lovable and has nice kind eyes. Inary will light up your day if you are having a hard time. She is caring and full of fun. Inary just wants to have fun. She is a party girl, with a lovable loyal heart all in one!
Girl: I’m your closest friend and one day your girlfriend.
Guy: No both of those things are inary!
by PyschBean2000 November 5, 2020
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The best mod in chat for the game Kingdom of Loathing.
by jonac13 December 28, 2005
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a super hot pornstar that makes me want to masteruabate a lot
boy, that inari vachs is so hot, today she came over and we had the sex!!
by wallis & futuna islands June 8, 2004
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