New relationship energy. Used in many communities, including among polyamorous people. This is that fluttery feeling you get when you meet someone new that you are interested in.
I am so excited with this new girl I'm seeing. I know it's just NRE, but I think I might be falling for her.
by sammit March 3, 2008
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New Relationship Energy, those Disney chemicals which make falling in love feel so euphoric and fabulous and generally raise libido to the high heavens
the NRE from this person a started seeing has even re-energized my other relationships.
by The Prophet LSD February 29, 2012
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No Reason Erection

Picture this, you're at school on a rainy Wednesday morning. You're sitting comfortably in your seat when you start to feel a strange sensation in your sweat pants. You then think to yourself,"Oh shit. I have a boner." You ponder,"How can I get this to go away?" Just then, the teacher calls you to the front of the room. You come to the realization that your erection isn't going to deflate any time soon. Curse those NREs!
Guy #1: Man, I just got a terrible NRE!
Guy #2: Man, I didn't need to know that...
by Painintheass August 26, 2012
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He is having an affair, so right now he’s all charged up with NRE. Don’t worry! It will wear off; and, when it does, I’ll be here for him.
by GeorgieGirl27609 February 20, 2018
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Formed in early 2003 by previous Inari members, TAKU (bass) and TJF (guitar, vocals). Features Machikara members, Machiko (guitar, lead vocals), Eri (bass guitar, vocals), and Hanako (drums).

Played mainly 'remixed' versions of old Inari and Machikara songs, but possessed four of their own Japanese punk rock songs written by Machiko and TJF titled, "six past f***ing midnight", "We will never forget", "Sakura" and "Falling".

Their sound is original and experimental, often using guitars to emulate the sound of Japanese instruments such as the koto and shamisen. Machiko's voice sounds the most beautiful, unlike her typical Shonen Knife / Ramones sounding voice in Machikara, and she skilfully emulates a traditional bunraku voice to off beat punk rock. Machiko sings most vocals in NRE, but is accompanied by TJF in songs, "We will never forget" and "Falling".

Quite surprisingly, the music only contains a hint of punk rock, and most of the music seems quite carefully composed and constructed. The guitar riffs show an obvious progression in Machiko and TJF's guitar style and TAKU's bass lines could stand alone on a drum and bass record.

However, NRE only played 2 public concerts at the Sydney Japan Foundation nighttime concert in Sydney during 2003 before slowly disappearing with punk rock band, Oil and NEVERGIVEUP. All members have since returned to Japan, marking the end of Inari, Machikara, and NRE.
Yoko's review: NRE was a good band and it's a shame that they didn't last long at all. I heard 3 of their songs and only just recently heard a recording of 'Falling'. "six past midnight" is a fast song about sneaking out late at night and just fooling around as if the sun would never rise again, and is a fun song with no real meaning. It's their poppiest song and I guess that it would have been the first song NRE wrote together. Then, all of a sudden, "We will never forget", is a hardcore and emotional song about racist sentiment, discrimination, the atomic bomb in Japan and recent murders amongst Japanese school children. It's an incredibly dark song and I can't help but compare it to Inari's "Save the World". The song portrays the image of a young girl dying of radiation sickness who experiences these evils; discrimination because of her looks, violence at school and at home, and exploitation by a westerner. It's disturbing and on second thoughts sickening, but it's not exploitative and instead turns out to be an extremely emotional opinion of modern day society which has been chained down by past evils such as WW2. I admit to crying during the chorus of the song. "Sakura" is another song about a girl, but it's about a girl who uses her beautiful appearance to tease older men and then exploit money from them, much like the 'mutual dating' which has been liberally publicized in the media recently. Like the well known metaphor of the sakura, her beautiful blossoms soon fall, symbolizing her loss of innocence, but her blossoms never grow back. The imagery is almost poetic, yet it's also another very realistic song. Their final song is called "Falling", which almost sarcastically calls for hope in a time of a rapidly declining economy and social system. It references teenage suicide, hikkomori, betrayal and dying sad and lonely, and the song ends in a way which almost indicates that NRE won't last much longer.

Both of their performances were energetic and sincere, and as you can guess, my favorite song is "We will never forget". It's a song which has caused me to bleed so much, yet mature in a way which I would have never anticipated before. NRE belittles Inari and Machikara, and it was a wonderful parting gift from both bands.

by Yoko March 21, 2004
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by I hate aviv August 19, 2018
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Good band consisting of guys and girls! My Japanese isn't too good so I'm not sure about their Jrock songs but their English songs are really good. It's strange that they say they hate hip hop because some of their songs sound like punk rock and hip hop combined but that's just my opinion. The guy and girl vocal combo they have sounds really cool and I've never heard that before.

Anyone know where to get their other songs???
One of the best bands to come out of the Japanese foundation even though they split so soon!
by Jillblueeyes December 19, 2004
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