Fudge-ina: Anal intercourse with a woman.
"Hey Dude, I just got some Fudge-ina with your ole lady!"
by Subortion April 12, 2006
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Someone who likes all things including handcuffs. Posessed by the devil and bringing heaven to you
I met a girl last night. She’s such a dirty Ina.
by Satanboi May 23, 2020
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We think it means see ya later but after spending mounths in the company of chavs their basic knowledge of English means it is never used in the right format.
mate: I am of see yaz later
mate 2: ina bosh ya minge
by posilou September 13, 2005
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a Patois phrase translating into "in the."
Wagwan, me is go ina di bar fi drink Red Stripes!
by International Bad Boy July 12, 2005
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It is generally a filipino curse literally meaning bitch mother or if used against somebody as a curse like " putang ina mo" means you're mother is a bitch or son of a bitch. Usually used when ones gets really mad with somebody and wants to pick a fight
by Gerber1970 April 27, 2006
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A "polite" way to tell someone he or she is a son of a bitch. This is because literally, it means "Your mother is a bitch" which kind of makes you the victim child of a bitch. Still, it is a strong insult because we Filipinos love our mothers.
by lingwistika April 11, 2018
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A Filipino slang which also means/similar 'putang ina' but censored and doesn't sound as offensive as the actual meaning.
hutang ina mo Drexel! (fuck you Drexel.)
by Nokey February 18, 2018
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