A Filipino slang which also means/similar 'putang ina' but censored and doesn't sound as offensive as the actual meaning.
hutang ina mo Drexel! (fuck you Drexel.)
by Nokey February 18, 2018
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a very annoyng thing and also could be verry annoying ang also grammarly. by uwubakka6699
youre're a stab-ina.
by Oxford Prof_9 November 14, 2021
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sort for putna ina!!! means motherfucker
used in the phil.
by pikotz January 17, 2005
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if ur a complete twat who copies sad hip-hop american language u may say this instead of goodbye, but hey who wants to be civilised?

ina bizzle
phil: hey loue the great the 3rd. u not coming to the farm tonight to rape those goats?
loue the great the 3rd: nah homes, im goin to home to get some munch, ina bizzle, fo shiznit
by adam armitage July 16, 2006
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n - a ghetto dancer
n - one who booty dances in a tasteful manor
n- a ballerina with a big juicy ass
Damn! that skank can dance like a baller-ina
by Jemal Weis January 07, 2008
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