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large mammal ; big-bellied. Love children and punishes them. Main hobby-eating. Can be of african decent or of white. Gay or straight. Large; never slim. Sometimes of asian decent but rare. Like obese whale ; a big bear. somtimes (if so big) body parts are covered by overlapping flaps of fat,(example- a belly button could be covered by over lapping skin on the stomach) . Enjoys special interests in beanie baby friday - teaching cursive - telling white or jew jokes while telling older adults about a recent ta-tu of jesus christ IT got on upper-inner thigh when drunk or wasted. Large/ creature / overweight or big breasted. Strange voice to be heard .

---- slang for ---
OBESE backwards. Obease - Esebo
by Ina February 24, 2004
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pays you less than you're worth but just enough to keep you crawling back
i got fired from my mcjob yesterday
by Ina November 25, 2003
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