When you are stuck in a god damn hard difficult situation.
My mom found out about my bf and now I am in a bind!
by #Diva4Life November 6, 2018
Chest binding to make breasts look flatter, less noticeable or more masculine. Binding should never be done with tape or ace bandages, and safety precautions should be taken.
"I'm binding today"

"Binding makes me feel better about myself"
by CATBOI March 29, 2019
Contracting multiple STD's from a single partner.
Damn, I knew I should have double bagged it last night. That chick gave me the Bind.
by Humpty Dance January 8, 2014
connected through a common ground or interest; tied to something
"This school is binded."
by Yar-Yar April 2, 2008
A tobacco filled roll, cigarette or roll-up.
"mate, i couldn't lend a bind could i please"

"woaah you fucking caned that bind didn't you"
by iliketogetwired January 9, 2010
Fuck! Killing this hobo put me in a bind
by NiggerJoe August 18, 2006
To "bind" a key on ones keyboard to preform a specific task when struck. Normally preformed in console baised PC games such as Counter-Strike. This is generally used to allow the player to say entire sentences with the stroke of 1 bound key.
Player brings up his console and types... bind \ "say LoL we pwned you wOoT!".
After this whenever the player strikes his \ key his character will say "LoL we pwned you wOoT" in his chat menu.
by MacKaySauce March 18, 2005