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Is a your typical hardcore screamo band from the burbs of New York. In Revenge enjoys screaming, growing their hair long, flipping their long hair, moshing horribly, and making fun of their rival band whom is 10X better, Gunning Bedford.

Fans of In Revenge are usually emo and or scene kids that like to say "rawr" and wear way too much makeup.

Others enjoy seran wrapping members of the bands cars, calling the cops on their house parties, and just straight up making fun of them. but hey, shit happens.
emo erica: Zomg! Miller is soo hawt. I LOVE IN REVENGE!
not emo nicole: lets go seran wrap all their cars. except not nick, he's cool
by HaRdCoRe DiNoSWAURRRR September 06, 2009
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