Freedom from unpleasant consequences: Exemption from punishment, harm, or recrimination.

When you have impunity, you could have done anything you would have wanted. There are no consequences.
by Jafje April 3, 2007
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"youre so dumb and ugly"
"stop impuning me"
by Sensereua January 5, 2006
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When the police take qualified immunity MANY steps to far in the oppression and murder of black citizens.
Derek Chavin is the embodiment of actions made under the racist oppressive ethos of qualified impunity.
by mshaler June 23, 2020
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A supremely elevated classification of humanity, the members of which endowed with immunity to any form of persecution, penalty or consequence--living quite openly above-the-law.
Have you ever encountered someone that, despite committing obvious and multiple serious offenses, just doesn't give a RATS-ASS about the horrific consequences of what they say, think or do?
Ahhh, sure...that would be someone in the class of Elite Impunity.
by YAWA July 10, 2019
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It is the Scottish motto written in ole Latin......roughly translated

If you knew the Scottish motto you would start to understand why they have an underlying sense of righting wrongs....of social justice ..of rising above against their oppressors.......of long memories that are active til 'reconciled' some way...Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
by Ms. DeeVee Ans March 28, 2009
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