1) When someone believes that they've cheated their way through life despite legitimately putting real effort into their life goals and achievements.

2) When someone believes that their identity has been hijacked by an imposter, and that their current identity is a fraud.

3) When someone believes they're the imposter but they're actually a crewmate.
1) Despite studying really hard, Sarah believes that she must've cheated as she got straight As in all her courses. When her parents and teachers comment on her good performance, she freaks out and changes the subject in hopes they don't "expose" her. Sarah has imposter syndrome.

2) Despite being the same throughout his entire life, Brad suddenly thinks that his self-identity was fabricated and that he must discover his true self again. Brad has imposter syndrome.

3) Despite being a crewmate, John "Sus" McAmogus acts as if he's the imposter during meetings and feigns innocence. John has imposter syndrome.
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When someone sees to much amogus memes and can't get it out of there head eventually connecting everything with among us.
Dan: Yo, That trash can is looking kinda sus.

Steve: Stop talking about among us I think you got the Imposter Syndrome
by Sus69 May 19, 2021
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- What's up with Blue? He is being so sus this round, but I've seen him scan so he's not an Impostor.
- Oh, he just having an Imposter Syndrome from being an Imposter for the past 3 rounds. Don't mind him.
by LadiesBeingDudes October 1, 2020
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Hello, we would like to inform you that the image you are seeing, the one with "Chuuya Nakahara" from "Bungou Stray Dogs"', the Japanese TV Show, (Can also be reffered to as "Anime")'s face pasted onto the "Among Us" "Crewmate" in the colour red. (Can also be known as the "Imposter" in the game.) The person who sent it is *not* the person who owns this account. It is a syndrome called the "Imposter Syndrome". This syndrome causes you to send and think non stop about the image being sent. (the one I had just explained earlier.) Symptoms include, feeling rather suspicious (also known as "sus"), thinking about the image rather too much, and playing the hit game known as "Among Us" regularly. Please try your best to stay safe from this syndrome as it *is* contagious. Our sincere apologies. Thank you for your time, stay safe.
Guy 1: Dude, did you hear about Leena?

Guy 2: No, what about her?
Guy 1: I heard she has the Imposter Syndrome.
Guy 2: Brooo.... We should stay away.
Guy 1: I agree. We wouldn't wanna turn... Y'know... SUS.
by kaede (complementary) May 5, 2021
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A diagnosis from the popular video game in 2020 called "Among Us". You could be put as the Imposter, or Crewmate. Usually if someone is Imposter they will do what the have to do calmly. But, If you've got Imposter Syndrome, It would be a bit hard to do. They'll be a lot of violence when you see on your screen that you are the "Imposter". This is a very serious syndrome and please do not miss understand it. It is extremely hard to deal with. Trust me, I have experience.
Bob: "What roll did you get?"
Bob: You probably got Imposter Syndrome..😱😱😲🤩😆🥶😋😭😳😳
by nic4le June 26, 2021
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When someone who believes their own accomplishments were simply because of luck, tricking others into thinking they are intelligent, or timing. When in reality they did them on their own. It's most seen among people who are in higher education, or high achieving jobs.
Sally: I don't belong here. Everyone else seems to know what's going on except me!

A few other classmates: Don't worry we don't quite understand the material either. Maybe you are just going through imposter syndrome.
by OlePapaBear December 13, 2015
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Someone with imposter syndrome will disregard their accomplishments and think they are not good enough. They believe their accomplishments and achievements were just luck/are undeserved.

It also includes high self hate and guilt about things they have done. They’ll think they are a terrible person even though that could be far from the truth
BF: fuck, my imposter syndrome has just been fueled so much recently

GF: you’re a great person, you need to understand that
by TheFrenchDuck April 8, 2021
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