Imogen is one of the most amazing people ever. She is bestfriends with the mysterious 'Maeghan'.
person one: "wow she's amazing!"
person two: "she must be an Imogen!"

person three: "or a Maeghan..."
by NotMaeghan April 01, 2012
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Imogen is an exotic Greek name and comes from Shakespeare himself. they are often very chatty and bright. they look quite brainy but can be very mischievous. they are very thin and don't pig themselves out. they are friends with a lot of people and can get along with any type of people. they are not stuck up but courageous, brave and outgoing. Imogen's love going out for an adventure and love animals.
new teacher: okay can anyone tell me the answer.
Imogen: (puts hand up) shouldn't you be able to as you are the teacher
class: hahahahaha
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by ConjoinedCOWS February 03, 2017
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Hottest chick I ever hooked up with at indro (lol Imi)....Utter bitch though
Imogen, your damn hot but stop hurting people
by GT April 15, 2005
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a rampant nymphomaniac that is completely free as long as you are within ten yera solder than her (and male)
by Giye Morgen March 22, 2004
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sexy lesbian in denial who is amazing and has the dam finest arse i've ever seen!
arse imogen sexy lesbian amazing
by Cara&&Sophie February 09, 2010
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A lass that thrives on being a tool and getting guys whipped.
She likes to paint naked bodies and dreams of making a living from doing so. She spends hours upon hours getting ready and applying her mascara 8 times. Despite the uneccessary preparations for her to look good, she is naturally beautiful on the inside and out. She could have brains if she applied herself and stopped acting dumb. She is someone that is laid back and really dirty e.g she grows mould in her old dishes and cups. Although she sounds like the perfect women, its just too bad that she is prone to being a tool.
Elle: "Stop being yourself, Imogen."
Imogen: "Is my skirt short enough?"
by marcelthegaypirate May 13, 2010
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A good pal who always has those crackers that she whips out in the morning. Always has the best memes and style.
Becky: "Hey do you want my crackers?"
You: "Hell no. I only want Imogen's crackers, those are the best !"
Becky: "oh"
by Libbyyaboi October 25, 2017
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