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Short for Imogen, sometimes spelt Imi, Imy or Immie
Immys are rare and should be treasured, as they are epically beautiful and talented, and are passionate about everything they love. However they are also incredibly shy and introverted, and so are often unnoticed amongst the wider female species. Immys are often most talented creatively, and excel in artistic or musical activities. This means they also usually have an amazing taste in music. Immys also make the best girlfriends,as they are great kissers, have respect for their boyfriends and give the warmest hugs in the world.
Guy 1: Wow, who's that hot girl carrying a guitar?
Guy 2: She's so fit, how come I've never seen her before?
Guy 1: She must be an Immy!
by DietVader July 07, 2012
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Really nice, beautiful girl with lots of friends and great to be with, always wanted at parties and by all the guys.
'Hey dude she is super hot'
'yeah right, I bet she's an Immy'
'yeah right'
by Spasticduck April 20, 2012
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Immy used for both ibrahim and imran is your fucking bastard. He's the top lad of the group and knows every apnar or karla in bradford. He can tell you were every cheap rip off kfc is and all the prices there. Immy never goes behind your back and if there's any beef he has about 20 cousins to back you.
Guy A: ah shit some guys are beefin with me
Guy B: call an Immy
by huhhhhhhhhh April 19, 2018
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short for imigrant.
someone who cannot speak the proper lanugage of the country they live in/cannot pronouce words using the proper english accent (or whatever it may be)
hey girl pass me the fetacheese
what is FET-A cheese?
oh lord i forgot your an immy.
by vbird May 20, 2008
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It means something that is homosexual.
Mum, Dad i got something i need to tell you. I'm Immy.
Alright, Immy. <- real quote from Shane Of The Dead
by Danross101 June 23, 2011
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