To imagine something in your own mind
When A Great big COSMIC MUFFIN Comes down to earth and smites you
by Jake Harry August 16, 2005
The capacity to imagine things such as things to write about.
He's known for his imaginity.
by Word Madman March 27, 2019
Imagine imagining the imaginable even tho the imagining is already being imagined
for the person reading this start imagining it...NOW imagine
by Nice one Perma March 15, 2022
imagine if Kendall Jenner is your fan
imagine if Dixie D'Amelio is a Dancer and not a Singer
imagine if you own a big Hotel
imagine if you have Infinte Money
imagine if you have over 150M followers on Instagram
imagine if Money never existed

imagine if Fidget toys aren't real
imagine if your idol isn't famous
imagine if your name is 'Cyndi'
imagine if your childhood is ruined
imagine if your famous
imagine if fnaf is a really hated game
imagine if Annoying Orange made a face reveal
imagine if Minecraft is more famous than Roblox
imagine if you played Roblox with MrBeast

- That's all, hope you guys like it!
(imagine if...)
by cyndiloves January 28, 2022
A virtual space of creativity inside your brain.
Nicole: Man, did you cheat on that art test we had to do last week?
Mark: Of course not. I just painted pictures with my own imagination.
by @!&! November 21, 2009
(verb, transitive) To afflict oneself with a specific hallucination of a highly-anticipated occurrence, be it desired or not, due to hyper-vigilant watchfulness for said occurrence.
I hate watching meteor showers because I always imaginate more meteors than there really are.
Ever since I found that one Black Widow spider in my basement, I've been imaginating them in every corner of every room in my house!
by InsubordinateClaws March 28, 2014
Person who uses their imagination in whatever it is that they do.
They employed an imagineer to help them in thinking up some background story and personality to their characters.
by LadyBeta May 2, 2011