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A small town in Illinois dominated by tyrannical Superintendents, corrupt principals, hillbillies, purple Indian feathers, rising home subdivisions, groups of friends with names, and school teachers that entertain themselves by annihilating their student's futures.
"Do you know where Mascoutah is?" "Oh, the place with the McDonalds? Yea, its over there somewhere behind all those old trailers and backwoods."
by MascoUtah January 04, 2010
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Hillbilly infested cornloving bastards who have tractor races as a means of fun. lovers of indians and purple. mascoutain person of afore-mentioned "town" and are proud of it. diaper biscut eating penis floggers.
We live in m-town "mascoutah" and we wear purple all the time! ummm ummm lets go ride tractors and flog some penis!
by m town hater April 10, 2007
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Biggest small town ever, lovers of indians and purpule, has the sports teams(usually). Many awesome people live there. If you live in mascoutah you are automatically epically awesome. And we do not flog penis:)
"Oh, your from mascoutah? You must be awesome?"
by Theroblover December 24, 2009
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