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A young, beautiful, sexy, sophisticated woman who is never unnoticed. The world is affected by her.
Guy 1: Dude did u just see that hottie?
Guy 2: She is quite the Ilaria.
Guy 1: She just changed by day.
by mnm4 July 12, 2009
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All ilaria's are sweet, caring, slightly naive but totally endearing people that are always a few cards short of a deck but in an adorable way. they always try to help with whatever the problem is and are generally pretty amazing in every way and are totally drop dead gorgeous. they are so nice that sometimes they don't know how to say no to people and people take advantage of them because they are not exactly forceful or strong people but they always have a solid group of friends to back them up because people love them. they are honestly always trying to be nice and always perky. easily startled and flustered. Pretty damn awesome. always makes anyone's mood lighten up at least 80% after even a short conversation
person 1: Hey you see her?
person 2: who that cool person over there?
person 1: shes so cool, must be an Ilaria!
person 2: omg ur right! fuck shes awesome!
person 1: i hear she bakes really well too..
person 2: yea man. totally amazing shit.
by cheekymonkey895 November 04, 2013
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Italian for "Hillary". Evil girl.
"Oh sorry I still appreciate you for what you are yet right now I couldn't give you what you deserve nor what you would be wanting to give me"
by Ephestione December 05, 2004
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Ilaria is a shy person, the person that sits alone during lunch. But inside they have a great personality just waiting to come out.
Ilaria just dissapears into thin air.
by sunshine_daisies April 26, 2017
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