I'm High

If you smoked weed and your a bad ass kid that is still a virgin
Sped gang group chat:

Ahmed: ih
Hawa: wut does that mean?
Hawa: i think it means "I'm high"

Litzy: I learned sumthing new today :)
Everyone: wut
Litzy: ih = im high
by SPEDGANG March 29, 2018
"How was the pizza?"
"Ih, it was alright."

As opposed to "Eh," which has a more negative connotation
by Matt Haith March 20, 2019
A lazy or non-enthusiastic way of saying "Hi". It's "Hi" spelled backwards.

It's like saying "Hi" when you really don't feel like saying anything.
I went to an IRC channel and none of my friends were there, so I was just like "ih.." and then I went idle.
by symnciddy June 28, 2005
Acronym standing for: I hate everyone.
John stumbled into the mud and was then kicked in the face by a passerby. He mumbled under his breath, "Ihe."
by Acronymbanana October 7, 2011
Ihs does not mean 'In his service' or 'I have suffered' or 'Iesus Hominem Salvator'. It just means 'Jesus'.
by ScottX November 27, 2006
IHS is 'The Indian High School' the shittiest school in all of existence. IHS can also be told as "I HATE SCHOOL". Another thing is reversing 'THIS' which makes it look like 'SHIT' because the school is shit.
Person: humm ig I'll join IHS, seems pretty good

Person 2: Ayo no
by HasteCUBE January 17, 2021