(Eve) A name from the Quran and is commonly given to girls of African or Arabic origin, Hawa is beautiful inside and out, has a tough exterior and usually is not to be messed with personally. She is caring towards friends and family but shows distaste towards people who wrong her. Overall, Hawa is awesome, intelligent,kind,humble and caring .🌟
Hawa is such an amazing person I really admire her personality

Same and she gives free hugs too

Hawa:I am proud to be a hawa!

Mom: don't you ever forget it, you're very special

Hawa:*goes in for hug*
by Gdgcyzbsvda May 6, 2017
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Hawa is a cute loveable person once you become friends with her. It's the best she'll never leave u she's gorgeous and out going she has an amazing personality which you wished you had everyone wants to be her friend she'll never let's you down and all the boys want her she loves everyone and attracts all the boys due to her beauty
"yo u seen that girl she's deffo a hawa she looks penggg"
by Xlaibahx7 November 15, 2019
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Hawa is a beautiful African American girl with a sexy body that stops many men in their tracks. She's a very loyal humble person but if you do her wrong she can be very passionate about her revenge. She loves very deeply but not easily because she dosent trust anyone but when she dose she's cautious. She loves to be spoiled but stays humble and is usually a hard rock unless you catch her in her feelings
"She has a really pretty smile " " ya she dose, her name must be hawa"
by A person bubble#yaaass September 17, 2017
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An afican american girl that's very attractive with an amazing body and will stop you in your tracks by beauty but also make you laugh by her humor
"Dangggg she got a NICE body all slim thick !" "I bet you 5 bucks her name hawa"
by Bubblegum1012 November 9, 2016
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A female African who has an amazing body with a gigantic ass.
"Damn man did you see her body? She must be a Hawa"
by Selena Bieber January 21, 2012
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A beautiful girl with a big back.Just don`t get on her bad side or she willpop off,her bestfrennis her partner in crime they`ll whip your ass . She`s beautiful and kind if you get to know her she`ll be your crazy friend. Hawa likes to get drunk and party but if she gets too drunk STAY AWAY. Hawa`s smile will get boys on their knees. She`ll stealyour boyfriend so don`t get too attached. Her big tits will throw you out of the way,shes one tough cookie who will kill you if you don`t play her game!
by SCARY BITCH February 14, 2018
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A very beautiful girl nice,and friendly

Always know how to talk to people but very shy

Hawa are often very Secret don’t know how to forgive
by Pearcehawa@gamil.com November 22, 2021
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