Philadelphia slang name for the Eagles NFL football team.
"Hey yo, Tony, ja see da Iggles game last night?"
by Eh... not so much August 15, 2005
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The Philadelphia way to say The Eagles. They are an NFL football team.
Youze guys goin to the iggles game tomorrow?
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is the act of covering a womens eyes with your scrotum.
man i found this crazy girl last night, i asked to iggl her and she said with pleasure
by cde811 March 10, 2010
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A kick-ass Everquest group full of gnomes.
Damn, that group last night was the Iggles
by Tim Patton June 2, 2006
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To mean having a dilemma of a time, stressed out, frustrated. Just like our much loved cuddly wuddly blue man 'Iggle Piggle' will do as he falls back with legs up in the air. To express that feeling to sigh, to become dumbstruck, to almost give-up. When having that sense to pull your hair out and scream and shout from stress.
I am having an Iggle Piggle moment right now
by Long Johns June 30, 2011
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