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A nice , friendly , lovely and fashionable person .

Iffah also is a symbol of smart and sweet person

Whenever people say Iffah it means that person are sweet and smart.

Inside stories ;
Name give by dad with the purpose to remember his biggest crush
Your so iffah
Your iffahamazing
My oh my your iffah
by Olastar April 23, 2018
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Iffah is unique, she is a strong person even though she has gone through a lot of struggles but she keeps moving forward. She is beautiful, her smile, her personality. She is the most sweetest person you'll ever meet if you get to know her. She is funny, and annoying, even if she is annoying she still loves you!
She is *unique*, funny, fashionable, sweet, charming, beautiful

She goes through struggles, but continue growing and moving forward. Iffah is a strong person who is smart and loved
by Batrisya December 27, 2018
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1-- simply friendly and unique, if you have a friend name Iffah, considered yourself luckiest to have great friend like Iffah

2-- coolest and awesomeness person on planet

3-- Dope and fashionable
"You are SO Iffah..."
by jojo3737 February 08, 2010
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1- Iffah is a very kind, sweet, loving, caring, funny, strong, beautiful, very hot / good looking, someone who will make you change your way of life or make you realise deep inner feelings. Iffah is also one of those people who are great listeners, so you may call yourself lucky if you had a friend name "iffah" who can listens to your rants or problems

2- She is FASHIONABLE, she would always slay in any outfit she wears!

3- She loves DANCING and is very passionate about it! Her hobby is singing, she likes to sing on her free hours. Iffah is also very talented, examples: ( drawing/sketching/painting/singing/dancing/playing instrumemts )

4- She is very passionate about love , very loyal. But don't play her, she'll shut you out immediately! Because, we iffah's are very emotional and could get hurt easily
Random girl: " OMG who is that, I love her moves! "
Iffah's bestfriends: " That is iffah, my B! Isn't she amazing!? "
Random girl: " she sure got some moves huh, wow "
"Iffah is always Iffah"
by Batrisya December 27, 2018
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she’s a very strong person that have gone through so much. she loves making others happy and always put others before herself. she’s a really good listening ear and would always be there for her loved ones. she’s a sweet, cute, beautiful, cheerful, caring and a very lovable girl. she’s one amazing soul that’s unique. consider yourself lucky if you have iffah as your friend. she’s very good at pretending, u would not even know that she’s sad because she constantly laugh everything off. however, she do not realise how beautiful she is & constant feeling very insecure. if you’re her close friend, you would know how much reassurance means to her. above all, she’s one precious gem you never would want to lose !!
i need iffah to listen to my rant !!
that sweet girl, iffah
by helina virgo March 24, 2019
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a cute person , she talkative and friendly. always laugh even though her heart hurt. she can control herself from being a worst temper.

she's loyal person. she won't cheat on you. even she knows you kept hurt her feeling, she will still love you. sometimes she won't ever let her love go, except for their happiness.
by syauqq October 17, 2019
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