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When you want to be just like someone; you look up to them. An idol is someone you admire, you might often look at pictures of them or daydream about them. It can be a sports coach, parent or friend. You might copy and try to recreate what they have done in the past- or even try to look like them, too.
My idol is my swimming coach, she is so nice to me.

I am so happy because my biggest idol gave me a present!
by Christmaself2 December 29, 2018
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A swimmer is an underappreciated person, but fully appreciates what they do. Not many people notice all the 5 am practices, or the 12 hours a week of practices and dryland. They give up so much for just that one time cut or championshp race. They know how to work hard, be made fun of, and they go through everything with their teammates. If you think you are a swimmer's best friend, check out her teammates. They've been through everything together- from bad races, to almost getting kicked off the team, to pots-practice starbucks. Every swimmer has a role model- whether it's a pro, and olympian, a summer team coach. Swimmers know how to work hard and get what they want. Even if it means not shaving for months (girls) or shaving all the time (guys).
The swimmer in our class is always a hard worker.

Why do the swimmers get to leave early for a "meet"?
by Christmaself2 December 16, 2018
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