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A gorgeous pretty girl who may gets mad, she is a amazing person to hang out with, her name is similar to the flower Dalia's , Idalia can be wild and crazy, but she can be kind, she is a good person a person who never gets in trouble
Kind,mean,sleepy,awesome,weird,crazy, lazy,Idalia
by $t@[k3r January 25, 2014
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One of the most greatest girls you could meet. You should be a lucky person to meet a Idalia!!! It not the most common name in the world but the people who get named it are usually a great person. Idalias are nice, caring, sweet, funny, beautiful and smart. If they are your girlfriend then your a very lucky person. They will love you no matter what, They will make your day better every time you see them. She not a flirtatious girl, she simply wants friends only but she has exemptions. She is never mad. No matter how bad you’ve been to her she will always give you a second chance. If you ever get the chance to meet a Idalia then treat her right, if it’s in a friend way or if she is your girlfriend then give her the most attention you can and respect and space and time, (if she’s your girlfriend) all your love...
guy 1: wow I meet a girl today!!! She is amazing. She is smart, beautiful, funny, and nic!!!

Guy 2: shs must be a Idalia!
by Llama boi June 09, 2018
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She likes Will and is a very beautiful young lady
I wish i was a Will so idalia would like me
by WillBoz December 22, 2017
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Home of Idalia High School. Also known as the greatest small town in the Northern Hemisphere of the world as decided in a study known as the Greatest Small Towns in the Northern Hemisphere Study, taken by the Association of the Greatest Small Towns in the World Group. Home of Keniv Legenl.
Idalia, home of Idalia High School, has many natives now going to school at Colorado State, which is better than Kansas State.
by R. C. December 03, 2007
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a girl who dosnt every answer yor goddamn messeges
man shes such an Idalia
by taylex February 01, 2019
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