Meaning one who is covered in Dimonds or has Plenty of "Bling". Background "Yay Area"
Bluh, that Necklace is Icey
by IceyDragon April 2, 2005
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Having lots of jewels and or a diamond/gold grill (teeth for you slow people)
Damn Trae lookin mad Icey with that new grill.
by MoNaDaTBrOnXMaMi June 3, 2005
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A name for someone thats way cooler than u and ur way jealous. This word is commonly confused with Icy, as in cold or blinged out.
That's Icey. I so wish I was her.
by Icey Nichole July 11, 2008
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When water freezes, it becomes ice, and is usually on the ground. So it is icey, and slick.
Watch out for that bigass wet spot. Its icey.
by r1cky January 1, 2006
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if u get an icey from someone it involves them putting two spoons in the freezer until they get icey and then they put each spoon on one of your nuts and they laugh in amazement as you get a nut freeze.
I gave this guy an icey and his nuts shrunk up so bad they went inside him
by Don Gulliver April 5, 2003
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When a person has alot of bling or Jewelrey.
Man I'm so excited, I'm so icey, so icey.
by Tia23 January 9, 2006
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A beautiful,shy,nice girl But some girls talk crap behind her back she doesn't care and those girls are just jealous of her. She hates how she looks but a lot of people tell her she is a pretty girl but,she doesn't believe that. everyone wants to be her bestfriend and be near her.
1.i wish she was my best friend
2.icey is my bff

3.icey is the best!
by Rodriguez... May 17, 2017
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