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The act of performing fellatio(oral sex) on a man while holding one or more ice cubes in your mouth to create a tantalizing hot/cold sensation. For a variation; Mentos, or any other mint, or Pop Rocks candy, or a sip of champagne can be substituted for ice cubes.
Guy: Dude! Nora was ice cubing my dick last night, it was awesome!

Dude: Man, that shit just gives me goose bumps!
by Ms. Baby Gurl March 22, 2009
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Where a girl puts one or more icecubes up her vagina for pleasure.
*family is sitting down eating dinner*
Mom: Here honey, I'll go re-fill your glass for you.
Mom: *goes in the ktichen, slips a few icecubes in her, and refills Dad's drink*
Dad: Why thank you, honey.
Mom: *sits down and moans super loud*
Children: O____O whats wrong, mommy?!
Mom: Of, nothing dears. I'm just icecubing.
by Melisande October 10, 2007
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When you keep your scrotum in a girls mouth so long it is no long a dipping, but just keeping it in her mouth. known as "ice cubing" because tea bags are ment to be dipped, and ice cubes stay in the water, which in this case is a girls mouth.
dude, i kept my ball sack in her mouth so long i was ice cubing her!
by love ice cubes January 20, 2010
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