The act of licking a man's penis from the balls to the head in one motion, as in licking ice cream that has dribbled down the outside of a cone.
She teased me for a while by giving me several slow Ice Cream Cones.
by bjmike January 14, 2010
Well you can eat it from the side, you can eat it from the top. You can lick it round and round like you're never gonna stop. You can eat it in the morning, you can eat it in the night. You can eat it all at once, or take a little bite. Mmmm, Ice Cream Cone!
by Lovebug_1986 June 7, 2010
when someone says something to try to butter you up.
"I don't need an ice cream cone"
"It's not an ice cream cone!.. What's an ice cream cone?"
"Oh, you know, here's something to make you feel good, something sweet that melts in 5 minutes. I don't need it. I'm cool with whatever you want to say or not say."

by Lands October 18, 2007
When a man ejaculates into a woman's mouth, and then follows that with a kiss.
Joni totally gave Herman an ice cream cone; his jizz ran down his own throat after they kissed!
by Nukes October 5, 2005
When you catch your cum in your foreskin like it’s a cup and make it like an ice cream cone
Dude Jessica totally ate my ice cream cone yesterday bro
by shekki February 5, 2021
when a person does a hand stand and a male jacks off into their crotch
dude i did the ice cream cone to your mom that shit only comes in soft serve lol
by gangsterdillweed May 27, 2007