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A Yoruba name, from western Nigeria, that means Blessing.
A common nickname for Ibukuns is Ibk.
Ibukun looks really beautiful/handsome today, wow!
by thatYorubaBabe June 12, 2018
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Ibukun is a girl who everyone can’t help but admire. She’s pretty, curvy and not so tall. She is far from dumb and usually has her priorities straight. Ibukun is hardly ever single.
“Ibukun always looks decent
Several guys want Ibukun at a time, simply because she’s Ibukun”
by Dara12345 July 31, 2018
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Ibukuns wear awesome coats. They are friendly and funny but slightly addicted to games. Obviously they are all players. Period.
"How can he get away with dickslapping that girl?"
"Because he's Ibukun"
"Oh yeah, makes sense"
by rawr09876543 January 06, 2012
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A nigerian boy/girl (no judgement) who never disappoints in having a big dick. He/she is really good at using it and won't ever pull out.
"Why is his dick so long?"
"Because he's an Ibukun."
by niggerdudeofthesouthside February 05, 2018
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Ibukun is an amazingly attractive girl. She is kind, funny and a little bit crazy. Ibukun is probably one of the most intelligent person you have met and will ever meet. She will always remain loyal to her friends and doesn’t mind helping if they ask her. She is hardly social but is totally different when it comes to her friends and family. Ibukun enjoys being in relationships and will often entertain more than one boy at a time.
Person 1: nobody did their homework, right?
Person 2: Nah, Ibukun always does it.
by Suzie willis September 08, 2019
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