The famous Japanese Island of the Bokoen1 Cinematic Universe. Some say whoever controls Iwo Jima automatically wins the HOI4 game. Along with that. If you control the Island and lose it. You automatically lose the game
Dressel-I captured Iwo Jima and killed an entire Japanese Army
Golden- Woah Dude
by CanadianJason February 18, 2022
A sexual position of sorts. It requires you, a girl (or guy whatever your into), 9 buddies, walkie talkies, WWII attire, an american flag, duct tape, a dildo, and a camera. As your banging your partner right before cumming scream over the walkie talkie "For America!" and your buddies kick down the door and mount your unfortunate partner and stick the american flag with the dildo duct taped to it into the persons ass. then everybody smiles for the camera
"Whatd you do last saturday night?"
"Dude I totally did The Iwo Jima to this bitch and she was awesome"
Iwo Jima (Iojima) is a small volcanic Japanese island located about 660 miles south of Tokyo. Because of flying distance to Tokyo, Iwo Jima was strategically important during World War II. The scene of hoisting American flag on the top of Iwo Jima became a symbol of American soldiers.
Clint Eastwood made a movie from the angle of Japanese soldiers at the battle of Iwo Jima.
by January 7, 2008
An iwo jima is when someone removes the toilet tank from a toilet and defecates in the exposed hole where the tank sends water into its base. The resulting upright waste product resembles (in visual image only, of course) the famous implantation of a flag pole by American soldiers during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.
I was hurt and angry when I went in to my bathroom to discover that the malevolent Jimmy had removed my toilet tank and perpetrated an iwo jima.
by Kage Ay January 18, 2009
It involves you, a women, six men dressed in world war II attire, a set of walkie talkies, a photographer, and a flag pole with a dildo attatched to the end of it. You and a girl are having intercourse missionary style when you pull out your walkie talkie and yell the code word (for example "code blue!") your friends rush in the room with the flag pole and stick it in the girls vagina as someone takes a photograph. That photograph well then become famous and there will be a movie made about it by clint eastwood with a sequel from the japanese perspective.
I was in a patriotic mood this memorial day so I decided to pull an Iwo Jima last night with Cindy. She was confused, yet aroused
by asdlkfjsadlkfjasdf May 24, 2007