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The art of sending Soviet armoured or mechanized division to push past the Dnieper and cut off the Romanians at the Boh River. It's been used many times in the Bokoen1 Cinematic Universe. But has recently been named in his nutshell video "The Romanian Brap Trap"
Braun - "Look it's the classic Romanian Brap Trap. You just can't get over it until it's too late"
by CanadianJason February 13, 2022
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The famous Japanese Island of the Bokoen1 Cinematic Universe. Some say whoever controls Iwo Jima automatically wins the HOI4 game. Along with that. If you control the Island and lose it. You automatically lose the game
Dressel-I captured Iwo Jima and killed an entire Japanese Army
Golden- Woah Dude
by CanadianJason February 18, 2022
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