An IUD is a form of birth control that is now highly recommended by doctors for young women not planning on having kids for a while. It is a device that sits in the base of the uterus and releases small amounts of hormones and is good for 3-12 years depending on the kind you get. They are great because there is no opportunities for user error. The process of getting one is a bit painful, but if you are considering it, consult your doctor.
Ella is sixteen, so she got an IUD to be safe from getting pregnant until she is ready.
by Red Nutmeg May 30, 2019
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A birth control device, such as a plastic or metallic loop, ring, or spiral, that is inserted into the uterus to prevent implantation; intrauterine device.
Man: "Oh, crap. I forgot the condoms!"
Woman: "It's okay, honey. We can use my extra IUD!"
by illEATurHARTout March 28, 2004
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I Use Drugs. A manifesto for Facebook or smth :).
- IUD! And that's it :)!
by mnmldr December 23, 2008
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A cheap form of birth control used in Third world countries. Also given out for free at Planed Parenthood. It is normmaly aproved for 5-10 years. Normally the risk do not outweigh the advantage. Birth control pills are recommend by sexologist and physicians. How ever some dumb girls like Jessica Stanley continue to get them in first world countries. Increasing their odds of scaring of the uterus, endometriosis, and other complications.
Jessica Stanley got an IUD despite being in a long term monogamous relationship, now she suffers from horribly painful periods, one of the side effects.
by Oxytoxin September 24, 2008
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short for In ur Dreams... opposing an idea
HE: Im the most gorgeous guy here in the room

answer: Iud!!!hahahah
by disaztershobz May 7, 2006
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IUD (eye-you-DEE) n. although it does not yet exist, IUD is an anagram for International Urban Dictionary
Sally: "Gee, I really like the UD. How about you?"
Sue: "I guess, but UD is narrow in scope. It has 99% English words."
Sally: "Shit Sue, you're trippin'.
Sue: "Whatever. I think an IUD would be more inclusive."
Sally: "Shut the fuck up. You're talking nonsense. The editors would never go for it."
Sue: "Fine, I'll start my own then."
by Nedd Ludd October 2, 2005
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This is an acronym from the Peaches Song "Fuck the Pain Away." While "SIS" probably does stand for "Stay In School" "IUD" does NOT stand for "Injustice Under Dog" as stated in the other listing for this pair of acronyms. It stands for "Intra-Uterine Device," a free form of birth control provided by Planned Parenthood. Peaches is encouraging girls to stay in school by not getting pregnant.
"IUD SIS / SIS IUD... stay in school cause it's the best."
by morebettermostrighter January 9, 2010
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