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Good: Short drive to many other destinations in the state. Summer weather is hot, but usually not unbearable. Cheaper real estate than elsewhere in California.

Bad: Very bad fog after rain. Winter is miserably cold, despite not being cold enough to snow more than a few flurries every ten years. Rush hour gridlocks on Shaw and Herndon near the freeways and 41 at 180 (though traffic here certainly beats LA's infamous 405). Many rough roads (repairs on 99 are LONG overdue). Not a whole lot to do, either, despite the beautiful new Savemart Center arena.

Ugly: Air pollution. Many parts of the city south of Shaw Avenue are not very pretty (especially downtown, effectively just a government center and expansive homeless refuge).
Fresno's downtown, despite efforts by the City Council, has never fully recovered from the initial growth northward many decades ago.
by ts3433 December 11, 2004

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The unofficial ATOT Whipping Boy, constantly ridiculed by forum members for not finishing his infamous spider story (see Syringered).

One day, the AnandTech forum moderators decided to join in the fun and started giving him custom titles, ranging from Junior Member (used for new members with <25 posts; he has over 8000) to Useless User to a Cute Little ..
Syringer: (virtually anything)

some other members: SPIDER (often done with a quote pyramid where each member adds a letter)

sympathizer: Quit harassing Syringer. It's getting old.

somebody else: SPIDER! :P
by ts3433 March 24, 2005

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In the Groove, a DDR-like arcade game produced by Roxor Games. The game is meant to cater more to the elite enthusiast crowd that patronized DDR, and has music that is geared more toward American tastes. The game is installed into a standard DDR cabinet.
"ITG >>>>>>> DDR," raved the elite who outgrew Konami's megahit.
by ts3433 December 18, 2004

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v. or n.

Much like post whoring, but usually much more comedic and with more of a purpose (I know it's an oxymoron). Created in the AnandTech forums (likely in ATOT).
(to a nef that isn't funny):
Stop posting/BAN!/DIAF, you worthless nef.
by ts3433 March 24, 2005

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Another form of "repost."
Some PEBKAC: Oh wow Badger Badger Badger

1337 member: REPOXY
by ts3433 April 29, 2005

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(Cute Little Period/Dot)

A period that often replaces a particularly ignominious post/thread title when the poster has been flamed much or otherwise realizes how dumb his post is. Spawned by AnandTech forum/ATOT member MercenaryForHire (M4H)
Original poster (OP): (very dumb post/thread title)

Eleventy billion others, some of whom quote the original post to prevent the OP from totally evading his plight: BAN!/boo-urns/DIAF

<OP changes post as described in definition>

Somebody else: Aww... another Cute Little . :P
by ts3433 March 23, 2005

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